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Monday, June 6, 2016

Puzzle IQ Blocks

Puzzle IQ blocks
Packaging Size: 19cm X 23cm
Play & Learn words & numbers
Play out of character


Features of this product:
*Improve IQ
*Improve compute ability
*Improve calculating ability
*Improve word learning ability

Special style
Safe trustable

RM 9 only!!!

Whtasapp 0163655948 for fast reply

Safari Hide & Seek

Safari Hide & Seek
The lost and Found game

*logic thinking skills
*strategic planning
*visual and spatial perception

Travel game with storage compartment
3072 combination, only 1 solution
48 challenges

Packaging size: 24cm X 24cm X 4.5cm

RM 30 only!!!

Whatssap 0163655948 for fast reply.

Supple Building Blocks

Supple Building Blocks

Packaging Size: 23.5cm X 16cm
Variable bending magic products can be assembled into any shape, so that children get their branins working, the childs thinking ability training, so that your child smarter.

Consists of:
108 bending magic (Glow in the dark)
1 Help manual

bending - interludes - linking - 4 link

RM 12 only!!

Kids Real Meckup Set

Kids Real Meckup Set
Brand: Fashion Girl Series
Design: Crown & Flower
Eyeshadow stick
Eyeshadow gloss

RM 8 only

Whatsapp 0163655948 for fast reply

Falling Monkey Games

Falling Monkey Games

Try to keep the monkeys from tumbling down.
30 monkeys
10 green little sticks
10 blue little sticks
10 orange little sticks
1 tree top
1 base
1 trunk (tow parts)
1 dice (printed colours)

Purpose: The player with the least monkeys wins

Packaging Size: 26.5cm X 26cm X 11cm

RM 22 only

*Add RM 7 for postage

Whatsapp 0163655948 for fast reply.

Joy Cup

Joy Cups
The best gift of fun and wisdom for babies
Packaging Size: 19cm X 19cm X 9cm
for ages over 6 months & up

*Sense stimulation - Bright colors and different sounds araouse babies curiosity intensively which helps the growth of baby eyes and ears.
*Motor coordination - Play it train the coordination of baies' eyes and ears.
**ognition initiation - lovely and vivid models and pure shapes enlighten babies perception of the nature

Educational Toys for Children 
- develop new skills
- develop children's creation and ideation
- develop children's overall planning capacity

#sense of hearing ability
#sense of vision ability
#hand eye moderate ability

RM 18 only!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

World Map Foam Earth Globe Atlas

World Map Foam Earth Globe Atlas
Age Range: 0-12 Months,13-24 Months,2-4 Years,5-7 Years,8-11 Years 
Material: Foam

RM 7 only!!
Buy any 2 item for RM 10

54pcs Wooden Blocks

54pcs Wooden Block
Includes 54 blocks, 1 dice
Packaging Size: 28.5cm X 8cm X 8cm
*Exciting, fun! Layer is a new puzzle game, belonging to 1 or more than 2 people play games. 

RM 19 only

Colours Design

Natural Colour Wood Design

IQ Puzzle

Brain Teaser - IQ Puzzle
Include 10pcs steel Puzzle

*Steel crafted Puzzle Set
*Manipulate to separate
*Hands & brains think & create

Strain your brain - can you separate the pieces from each other and put them back together? just try it.... all of them can be solved.

RM 20 only

Deer Count Rack

Deer Count Rack
The Most welcome gifts for the children - Happy Growth
*Cute animal shapes
*Co-ordination ability
*Visual ability
*Thinking skills
*Dimensional tactile textures to stimulate baby's developing sense of touch
*Bright colours, can be good to stimulate baby's strong curiosity
*Stimulate the imagination

Once own, nothing can instead
Let's play math together

Packaging Size: 16cm X 19cm X 14cm

RM 20 only

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Clock Puzzle

Clock Puzzle
The best gift for childresn - Puzzle Clock Fun Maze
*Creativity of Imagination
*Development of Visual Ability
*Shape Recognition Ability
Packing Size: 32cm X 25cm

RM 10

Sunday, May 1, 2016

3D Puzzle - Orbit Bus

DIY Puzzle 3D Orbit Bus
Toys, more teaching aids. develop intelligence cultivate children's creativity
Orbit size: 45.5 cm X 45.5 cm
Packaging Size: 34cm X 27cm X 6cm
1 battery operated bus (excluding AA battery)
8 parts of the orbit
1 set of gas station

Assemble the scene orbit during a fun experience, and bus runs in the orbit to travel around. it provides a communicative platform and interactive games between parents and children. during the pleasant puzzle games, it also effectively promotes children's social skills and self confidence.

*Family games
*Stereopsis training
*Easy assemble
*No scissors required
*No glue required

RM 25 only

Whatsapp 016 3655948 for fast reply

Super 3D Puzzle

Super 3D Puzzle
1. Train
2. Police Station
3. Fresh Bread Shop
4. Snow Paradise
5. Castle

RM 7

Buy any 2 item same price for RM 10 only!!!

Pterosaurs Super - Deformation Can

Pterosaurs Super - Deformation Can
Incude 1 pc deformation can and 1pc card
comes with instructions at the back of packaging

RM 20

Saturday, April 30, 2016

UNO Cards

UNO Cards
comes in 4 designs
1. Standard
2. Frozen
3. Princess
4. Super Hero (Cpatain America, Iron Man etc)

RM 7
Buy any 2 the same price for RM 10 only

DORAEMON DIY Vinyl Art Figure

DORAEMON DIY Vinyl Art Figure
2 Design (Laughing Doraemon and Cute Doraemon)
Set include 3pcs FABER CASTLE Magic Colour and DORAEMON Figure
Suggested can use acrylic paint/spray paint/permanent markers.

RM 10 only

Joy Cups RM

Joy Cups
Educational toys for 6 months and above
Could you make a high tower alphabetical order by yourself?
Motor coordination - play it train the coordination of babies' eyes and ears.


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

WEAGLE Nanoblock Hello Kitty

WEAGLE Nanoblock Hello Kitty
RM 19

Cosmic Sand Set

 13 accesorries
   1 Plastic Mat
   3 Pack Kinetic Sand (3 different colours) 500g X 3

RM 49            

Mini Skateboard With Light Gift Set

Mini Skateboard With Light Gift Set
Include 1 box n 1 mini skateboard

RM 7

buy any two for RM 10




RM 4/box

each box consists of 2 sets of batu seremban (5pcs - 1 set)

if buy single set (1 set-5pcs) = RM 1.90


RM 7

Buy any two RM  10


RM 7

buy any two for RM 10

Monday, March 7, 2016

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